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Calling the Still Shots

July 1st, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Serena behind the camera

Howdy! Serena here. Today was the funnest day of the internship, yet! My fellow intern Isaac and I arrived at the studio at 7:30 a.m. sharp. We helped Jeff and Kirk load up the van with lights, cameras, and a trunk full of other film equipment to shoot a testimonial and B-roll at EduCare and Xavier High School.

On the way there, I learned something new. Kirk taught me that certain film equipment is named after certain characteristics it has. For example, on a film set, clothespins are called C-47’s because that was the name the item had on the billing line. Other new terms include C-stands (bright silver stands with three feet), and stingers (short extension cords).

Since Isaac has been an intern for the past 3 summers, I took direction from him, and also took over 250 stills of the young actors with the tutors at EduCare. I kept shooting stills at our second location outside a local high school with the Canon SLR camera. The young actors were very talented (it must run in the family!)

It’s hard to believe this is only day 7 of my MVP internship! And the best is yet to come. What do I mean by that? One word: Twitter!

Look for some stills on the MVP Video Production blog!


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