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July 8th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Hello reader! Serena here.

Yesterday, Jeff updated the Intern Blog so you will be seeing more pictures from my fellow intern Isaac and my adventures at MVP (and video to come). Isaac and I also took pictures in the studio with the Nikon for the intro to our intern v-blog.

Advice to new interns, if you are curious or interested in learning or doing about something in your internship, ask about it! Speak up! Shout it to the mountain tops if need be. When I expressed interest in contributing to the social media side of MVP, Jeff was able to connect me to the studio’s Twitter page the next day! Be sure to check out some real-time updates on our next shoot!

I’m realizing another value of my internship at MVP. While, it’s a great place to learn and gain experience in not just shooting with a camera, lighting, and all that wonderful tech stuff, there’s another side to this internship that I find valuable. It’s community. Client’s are at home at MVP as family! And although there are a lot of projects in the works, the quality of customer service is rare.

What’s to come?  I will upload more of those 250 photos from the EduCare shoot to the blog soon. Until then, be looking for an intern v-blog at a Mac or PC near you.



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