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Friday at MVP Video Production

August 8th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Intern: Serena

It’s Friday! And I’m here at MVP Video Production. It’s the end of my 8th week here. I can still remember the day I was interviewing for the position! Today I finished editing my third vlog post on audio!

Before this internship began, I didn’t know how to even operate a camera. Now I am confident to set up a shot with sound, lighting, and how to white-balance as well!

Coming in on a Friday allowed me to do more research on a new blog post on the new HTML5. I began writing this blog with an attempt at explaining what HTML is, how it’s a format and not a codec, the early differences between Adobe and Apple when it came to HTML5. Then I realized that trying to understand and write about concepts I’ve never heard about isn’t a great way to inform others. So, I thought, “why not lead others to trusted sources?”

Sometimes the best way to learn is not to teach, but to be taught alongside someone.

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