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Schindler’s List

August 10th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Intern: Serena

I have two days left at my MVP Video Production internship. And, I had two movies left to watch on my AFI 5 of the Top 10 Challenge. So, last night I decided to watch movie #8 on the Top 100 List: Schindler’s List.

Steven Spielberg’s 1993 retelling of Oskar Schindler’s story was like watching a heart-wrenching memoir. The black-and-white movie felt more like a documentary at times, it was the simple horrors–like when a train filled with Jewish women are taken into a large shed with pipes on the ceiling wondering if they are about to be poisoned, or when “Schindler’s Jews” were placed on a train, and the camera shows close-ups of the alarm in their eyes–that made the movie memorable. Spielberg did not exaggerate the tragedy to make the movie more exciting. Simply showing the reality of the situation was enough to make it a horror.

The part of the movie that moved me the most was towards the end ::SPOILER ALERT::

The war had ended, and the Jews were free. Before fleeing, Schindler looked at the six thousand people he had kept alive, and looked at his possessions. He began to realize that even the gold pin on his coat could have saved two more lives. He saw the impact of saving just one life. It makes me think, I have the same power. I could spend $20 on a DVD, or I could give $20 to feed 100 kids. I could save a life and I’m making choices every day. In the end, Schindler did save more lives because the descendants of those people wouldn’t have been alive if he hadn’t done what he did.

This part of the challenge helped me realize that it’s okay to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone when it comes to movies. I had put off watching this movie for about a week because I was afraid it would try to use shock therapy to get people to see how gruesome this part of our world’s history is. But,┬áthe story didn’t try to cover every terror of the holocaust. It told the story it purposed to tell. Schindler’s story.

It is worth watching. We’ll see what I think of my last 5 of the Top 10 Challenge: The Godfather.