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Intern Isaac has been busy at Stanford

November 11th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog Tags:

Well…..it’s pretty quite around the studio without our two interns that we had over the summer.  However, we know that they are actively involved at their respective schools (Stanford University and the University of Iowa), so we forgive them for not checking in with us and keeping us updated on what they are doing.

But, we did get an email today from Isaac, our Intern from the past three years, who is now at Stanford.  Seems the young lad has landed himself on the student Senate, as well as is writing for the Stanford Daily.  To see his first article that got published in the Stanford Daily, click the link.

And, it has come to our attention that he is attending the Jay-Z / Kanye West concert as press for the Stanford Daily.  Way to go Isaac!  We are sure he will have a blast!

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