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A New TV Technology…already?

January 15th, 2013 | Categories: Blog

Well, it was just a matter of time before the TV manufacturing companies came out with a new technology.  And now, it’s just a matter of when they will start trying to sell them to you and I.

HDTV and flat panel TV’s has overtaken the consciousness of all those watching TV.  Whether that be for movies, or even broadcast.  Even congress got into the mix by requiring all TV stations to start broadcasting in HD.  So they have all invested in new HD technology and converted over so that you and I can all get HDTV on our new 32 inch, 40 inch, 50 inch or even a 60 inch ultra slim flat panel TV that we can hang on our wall so it looks like a piece of art…whew.

However, the TV companies are already looking at the next big thing.  What is it you ask.  4K TV or Ultra TV.  Which means it has 4 times the digital information as current HDTV.  Can you imagine?  If you think you HDTV looks great now, imagine 4 times the data on it.  And in the ever present world of “we can do you one better than that”, a company in Japan is already skipping the 4K and going directly to 16K. 16 times the digital content.  Wow!

This is all good, but one has to wonder, how long before it actually becomes common place?  The broadcast stations have just finished switching over to HD.  Are they really going to want to re-invest for 4K broadcast or even 16K.  Don’t get us wrong, we can’t wait to see the technology, but just like flat panel HDTV’s, we think the whole 4K or 16K TV sets are a ways off.  After all, HDTV, and flat panel TV’s were around for quite a while before it became common place and you saw them all over in the stores.  It will take a while before these new “4K” TV’s become mainstream.

There is only so much that “Joe” or “Jill” consumer can spend on a TV, and most people probably won’t want to upgrade their TV sets every couple of years.  Unlike computer technology, which has been accepted as needing to upgrade every 6 months, TV technology is still a “purchase” that most people think they shouldn’t or don’t have to upgrade for at least 3 or 5 years.

So, even as you hear talk of a 4K TV (or a 16K TV), I think it’s safe to say that your HDTV, that you just bought yourself for Christmas is still a good buy and will serve you well for the next 3 to 5 years.

With that said, when a 4K TV goes on display somewhere here in town, you can bet that we will be right there to check it out.  In all it’s 4K beauty. We’ll be easy to spot, we will be the video guys, standing there drooling. We recommend to check the supplement that boosts your skin health to better your health even more.

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