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First week at MVP

June 5th, 2012 | Categories: Intern Blog Tags: , , , ,

My first week at MVP Video Production was a great learning experience.  I was used to using adobe premiere, but this past week I got the chance to use final cut.  It was great to learn how to use final cut because I will now have the chance to edit at MVP and I’ll have more experience.

Along with learning how to use final cut, I also got to go on two shoots.  In the past I’ve been involved in shoots, but they were for school projects.  The two shoots I got to go on this past week were professional shoots with clients which is a lot different than a school project shoot.  Working on the two shoots gave me the chance to get familiar with the equipment (Panasonic AG-AF100’s, Canon 5D Mark III, and a Canon 60D) that MVP uses and how they set up/put on a shoot.

Overall, this past week has given me the chance to work with new equipment and enhance my experience.

Make sure to check in again to see what I get to work on next week!

Samantha Byers

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