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We Guarantee our work!

To put it simply – We stand behind our work and our commitment to you.  It’s really that simple.  No “buts….”, no “however….”, no small print.

Here’s our GUARANTEE to you, our clients;

– We will complete you project by your deadline.

– We will not go over budget.

– We will not add anything to your project without a discussion of the item (advantages and disadvantages) and obtaining a sign-off of approval.

– We will communicate with you and give you updates about the status of the project.  (not when it’s done, but all the way through the project)

– We will collaborate with you on your story and guide you through the process.  We won’t just write the story that we think we hear.  We know that don’t know it “all” in relation to your business.  We want your input.  We welcome it.

It’s pretty straightforward for us, and we want it to be for you as well.  All of us here at MVP Video Production are heavily invested in every video project we do.  We want the video to come out great, but we know that in order for that to happen, the things we listed above have to occur first.  It’s just how we do things.


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