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Hundreds Attend the Premier of Resilience – The Spirit of Humanity!

June 18th, 2009 | Categories: Blog, News & Awards

Jeff Zahrt and Kirk Munson prepare for the Premier of Resilience - The Spirit of Humanity

Jeff Zahrt and Kirk Monson prepare for the Premier of "Resilience - The Spirit of Humanity"

Driving through streets that had been several feet underwater a year before, more than 500 people gathered at the US Cellular Center on June 11 to relive the floods of 2008. Our documentary, “Resilience- The Spirit of Humanity,” premiered and kicked off the Cedar Rapids RIVERenaissance event. The documentary, highlighted the flood’s unsung heroes and their struggles to save the city. For some, it brought back strong emotions as they watched their friends and neighbors battle through the rising waters.

It was very important to us to create a way to remember, not only the devastation, but the hope and the positive spirit of the wonderful volunteers and officials.

As the river overflowed its banks, the city wasn’t just piling on sandbags.  Hundreds of volunteers poured in from schools and offices alike to help stem the flows, workers were evacuating hospital patients and prisoners, and fighting to rescue the city’s last supply of fresh water. Some voluntarily braved the swell to liberate others from the waters, and hundreds more dropped what they were doing and fought alongside the trained. People flowed into schools and businesses who opened their doors for the newly homeless and companies opened their services to those affected. Even as the waters receded, ordinary citizens went without showers for days on end. Restaurants used paper plates and glasses. Fundraisers, charities, and outreach programs poured more support into the city, and the city’s citizens poured its support into each other.

“Resilience” captured this amazing spirit of community in the hearts of those at the premiere. Those who missed the event can view this spirit of community at home with the release of Resilience on DVD, 25% of the profits from which go to support flood victims and their families.

Through it all, not a single Cedar Rapidian died. This speaks volumes about our efforts and the character of our citizens. Most important, however, was our will to rise above the waters and the difficulties, come together, and rebuild.

Resilience – The Spirit of Humanity

June 8th, 2009 | Categories: Blog, News & Awards Tags: , , , ,

Kirk Munson & Jeff Zahrt Radio Interview

Click on the image to hear Kirk and Jeff interviewed by Z102.9 KZIA

Kirk Monson and Jeff Zahrt were interviewed this morning by Z102.9 KZIA in anticipation of tonight’s world premier of Resilience – The Spirit of Humanity.

“Resilience – The Spirit of Humanity” is the documentary film about the unsung heroes who helped save Cedar Rapids, Iowa from the disastrous Flood of 2008.

MVP Video Productions started filming during the flood of downtown Cedar Rapids and filmed for 30 hours straight during the peak of devastation to downtown Cedar Rapids.  As Cedar Rapids recognizes the one-year anniversary of the 5th largest natural disaster in the history of the United States.

“The film is a true documentary that doesn’t take sides one way or the other… It’s kind of left to you to decide, just exactly the state of Cedar Rapids…  ” – Jeff Zahrt, MVP Studios

“Resilience” will premiere tonight to kick-off the Downtown Districts RIVERenaissance event. You can see the movie at 7:30 pm at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids. Doors open at 6:30 pm.

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