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AFI’s Top 100! #10

July 11th, 2012 | Categories: Intern Blog Tags:


The number 10 movie in AFI’s top 100 is The Wizard of Oz, the classic tale that every child grew up with, the movie you always seem to run into on TV and watch just to reminisce. Now this is the oldest film of all the top ten. And what usually makes older films the best is the storytelling. Without top notch CGI and all the fancy effects to make the movie good you need a great story, the story is what it all really comes down too. However The Wizard of Oz was pretty well known for its top notch effects, the costumes, its technicolor, and for its dreamy feel. From when you watched it as a kids you either feared the scary flying monkeys or the scary witches or loved the cute cowardly lion or toto the dog.

It’s got very good costumes and effects, when we look back on it.  73 years later we don’t see how realistic it is, but being back in 1939 I’m sure watching it was like living a dream. Now some say or think The Wizard of Oz was the first color film, well its not, however it is probably the most memorable colored film for its time. When it starts in sepia-toned Kansas and spirals its way to the colorful World of Oz is pretty neat. Now the movie is also memorable for its effects, the classic tornado scene, the moment when we finally see Oz, and the flying monkeys. All the effects are very cool and new for its time.

Now the effects granted are not the only positive aspect of this movie. The story is also pretty good. The movie is based on the classic stories by L. Frank Baum and the story is something to be loved by children and adults. The story has meaning and a really good message. And no matter what age you are watching Dorothy go to the world of Oz, make weird friends, and escape a crazy dream is entertaining. And that’s the whole purpose of movies, to entertain people with a story. So congratulations The Wizard of Oz of entertaining me for about 1 1/2 hours. And congratulations for making the #10 spot in AFI’s top 100!


Next time: #9


-Tyce Hoskins


First Week at MVP- Tyce

June 5th, 2012 | Categories: Intern Blog Tags: , , ,

So I just completed my first full week at MVP Video Productions and what a great way to start it! On my first week I completed my first vlog, and got that posted to youtube. Not only that, but we took a day and went out scoping for a new project coming up and even started storyboarding for that project. And as if that wasn’t enough I went on an all day shoot and ran the brand new Canon 5D Mark III the whole time. The whole week was so hands on right off the bat. I got to film and edit my vlog, and I got to participate in the pre-production of a big project and even went on my first shoot.

My first shoot was very exciting. I was behind the camera the entire time and got to get some great first hand experience on a shoot. It was really neat to take part in the production and to take part in the creative environment that goes into a production. That was just the first week, and I have many more to come. So I am very grateful for the experience and for the knowledge I have received so far from this one week and I am very excited for the experience and knowledge to come!




First week at MVP

June 5th, 2012 | Categories: Intern Blog Tags: , , , ,

My first week at MVP Video Production was a great learning experience.  I was used to using adobe premiere, but this past week I got the chance to use final cut.  It was great to learn how to use final cut because I will now have the chance to edit at MVP and I’ll have more experience.

Along with learning how to use final cut, I also got to go on two shoots.  In the past I’ve been involved in shoots, but they were for school projects.  The two shoots I got to go on this past week were professional shoots with clients which is a lot different than a school project shoot.  Working on the two shoots gave me the chance to get familiar with the equipment (Panasonic AG-AF100’s, Canon 5D Mark III, and a Canon 60D) that MVP uses and how they set up/put on a shoot.

Overall, this past week has given me the chance to work with new equipment and enhance my experience.

Make sure to check in again to see what I get to work on next week!

Samantha Byers

Intern Isaac has been busy at Stanford

November 11th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog Tags:

Well…..it’s pretty quite around the studio without our two interns that we had over the summer.  However, we know that they are actively involved at their respective schools (Stanford University and the University of Iowa), so we forgive them for not checking in with us and keeping us updated on what they are doing.

But, we did get an email today from Isaac, our Intern from the past three years, who is now at Stanford.  Seems the young lad has landed himself on the student Senate, as well as is writing for the Stanford Daily.  To see his first article that got published in the Stanford Daily, click the link.

And, it has come to our attention that he is attending the Jay-Z / Kanye West concert as press for the Stanford Daily.  Way to go Isaac!  We are sure he will have a blast!

Nearing A Close

August 17th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Intern: Serena

El final…o quizas, el principio. This probably doesn’t make a lot of sense if you don’t speak Spanish. It means,”The end, or perhaps, the beginning.”

Today I went on my last on-location shoot with Kirk to Coralville, Iowa for yet another project. Innovative Software Engineering. I was a PA on set, gaffing and transporting equipment when needed. Our main interviewee from Innovative Software Engineering was from the Canal Islands!

After filming testimonials everyone stepped outside dressed in their business attire. All the employees stood behind him as he cut a red ribbon with a golden pair of scissors to dedicate the site. Everyone cheered. The mayor gave a speech and others wished the new business well.

My time at MVP Video Production feels more like a beginning in a way. I have gained so much, in experience, knowledge, and confidence (and especially more confident as a cinema major! Talk about some major confidence) 🙂

I have been gathering photos from different folders on computers of the stills I’ve taken for my final project, and placed my favorites into one folder. I also gathered all my vlogs and the MVP Video Production “Thank You” video we created after the Corridor Business Journal voted the company the best video production company in the corridor.

Tomorrow is my final day. The end is near, but so is a new beginning.

I can’t think of a better place to have interned this summer!


In Your Dreams!

August 16th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Intern: Serena

“In your dreams!” It’s usually the dramatic phrase often rehearsed on TV when a character tells another that their hopes are improbable or impossible. But, I would ask, what are your dreams made of?

From one intern to another, I encourage you to challenge yourself to step outside any box you might create for yourself. My internship at MVP Video Production was all I dreamed it would be. But, I had to dream it first, and share that dream with my sponsor, Jeff. Your internship doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s, because you are not like anyone else. Yes, you want to make sure you are getting professional experience that will help you in your field, but what does that look like? Synergize with your sponsor because they may be able to take your dream even farther than you thought possible.

All this to say, I’m totally psyched about a new film opportunity I have with MVP Video Production. And it all came about because I finally asked to be a part of it–thus staying with my internship for a couple more days! It’s the season of elections and straw poles, and I will have a part to play in documenting this season with Jeff, Kirk, Eric and Isaac.

It’s more than I dreamed of. So, I just got to thinking, maybe I was dreaming too small?

Kirk and Eric set up the teleprompter in the studio and I got to practice reading off one. It’s an interesting contraption that lets you read on a reflective surface that is placed in front of the camera, so you are looking straight into the camera, but the camera cannot see the words you’re reading!

I’m also excited that I have an opportunity to think outside the box with my final internship project. I’m compiling an interactive DVD with these blog posts, a slideshow, and the intern vlogs.


Schindler’s List

August 10th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Intern: Serena

I have two days left at my MVP Video Production internship. And, I had two movies left to watch on my AFI 5 of the Top 10 Challenge. So, last night I decided to watch movie #8 on the Top 100 List: Schindler’s List.

Steven Spielberg’s 1993 retelling of Oskar Schindler’s story was like watching a heart-wrenching memoir. The black-and-white movie felt more like a documentary at times, it was the simple horrors–like when a train filled with Jewish women are taken into a large shed with pipes on the ceiling wondering if they are about to be poisoned, or when “Schindler’s Jews” were placed on a train, and the camera shows close-ups of the alarm in their eyes–that made the movie memorable. Spielberg did not exaggerate the tragedy to make the movie more exciting. Simply showing the reality of the situation was enough to make it a horror.

The part of the movie that moved me the most was towards the end ::SPOILER ALERT::

The war had ended, and the Jews were free. Before fleeing, Schindler looked at the six thousand people he had kept alive, and looked at his possessions. He began to realize that even the gold pin on his coat could have saved two more lives. He saw the impact of saving just one life. It makes me think, I have the same power. I could spend $20 on a DVD, or I could give $20 to feed 100 kids. I could save a life and I’m making choices every day. In the end, Schindler did save more lives because the descendants of those people wouldn’t have been alive if he hadn’t done what he did.

This part of the challenge helped me realize that it’s okay to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone when it comes to movies. I had put off watching this movie for about a week because I was afraid it would try to use shock therapy to get people to see how gruesome this part of our world’s history is. But, the story didn’t try to cover every terror of the holocaust. It told the story it purposed to tell. Schindler’s story.

It is worth watching. We’ll see what I think of my last 5 of the Top 10 Challenge: The Godfather.


A Matter of Matte Boxes

August 10th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Intern: Serena

This week I learned  how to set up a matte box, and it’s only Wednesday. Kirk explained that the matte box is a piece of camera equipment that shields the camera’s lens from glare. It has the same effect of putting your hand over your eyes on a bright day.

In my opinion, the matte box is the most elaborate and difficult piece of camera equipment to set up because there are about 15 parts that come with this particular kit, and the camera must be placed on the tri-pod just right for the matte box to even fit on the tripod.

I also finished editing my third vlog post on the vocal booth. I plan to upload the video to the MVP Video Production YouTube site this week. Even though the topic was on sound, the audio was my biggest challenge. I’ve learned much about lighting (i.e. you need it!), and hooking up the audio to the camera–for example, you have to let the camera know if you are using an internal mic (the mic built into the camera), or an external mic like a boom–the hardest part of the audio is making sure it sounds good.

So, in this vlog post I did my best to avoid doing an impersonation of Lina Lamont from Singin’ in the Rain!

Still learning!


Friday at MVP Video Production

August 8th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Intern: Serena

It’s Friday! And I’m here at MVP Video Production. It’s the end of my 8th week here. I can still remember the day I was interviewing for the position! Today I finished editing my third vlog post on audio!

Before this internship began, I didn’t know how to even operate a camera. Now I am confident to set up a shot with sound, lighting, and how to white-balance as well!

Coming in on a Friday allowed me to do more research on a new blog post on the new HTML5. I began writing this blog with an attempt at explaining what HTML is, how it’s a format and not a codec, the early differences between Adobe and Apple when it came to HTML5. Then I realized that trying to understand and write about concepts I’ve never heard about isn’t a great way to inform others. So, I thought, “why not lead others to trusted sources?”

Sometimes the best way to learn is not to teach, but to be taught alongside someone.

AFI Top 10 Challenge…Update!

August 4th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Intern: Serena

Welcome back to the Intern blog! You probably remember the time I took the AVI Top 10 Challenge. If you don’t remember, Jeff and Todd at MVP Video Production challenged me to watch 5 of the top 10 of the top 100 movies on AFI’s Top 100 Movies list! Before this challenge I’d seen 3 of the top 10: Citizen Kane, Casablanca, and The Wizard of Oz (and two of those were for class assignments!)

Yesterday (and early this morning)…I watched David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia starring Peter O’Toole. I feel like I just spent a month in the desert.

Of all the movies I put on my “Top 5” list (Singin’ in the Rain, Gone with the Wind, Lawrence of Arabia, Schindler’s List, and the Godfather), Lawrence of Arabia looked like the most dry movie of them all (pun totally intended). And it was a war movie.

That’s just to say, I abhor movies where thousands of people die and the hero never suffers a scratch (or movies with “Romeo and Juliet” endings!) I’m glad to say, Lawrence of Arabia didn’t fall into that category! It was more like a non-fiction film…well almost. The story is based on a true one.

I learned about a part of history I hadn’t known before. The soundtrack–which I’m playing while I type this–was stunningly enchanting! Maybe it’s morbid, but I was actually glad it began with the death of the protagonist, because I didn’t have to watch the back story and worry if he was going to die. The main character, T.E. Lawrence is not a card-board cut-out of a war hero. He’s a bookworm, well-educated, and an introvert, and he cared about the Arabs and his people. He put himself in their shoes.

I definitely recommend this movie!! 🙂 And taking the AFI Top 10 Challenge!


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