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AFI’s Top 100! #10

July 11th, 2012 | Categories: Intern Blog Tags:


The number 10 movie in AFI’s top 100 is The Wizard of Oz, the classic tale that every child grew up with, the movie you always seem to run into on TV and watch just to reminisce. Now this is the oldest film of all the top ten. And what usually makes older films the best is the storytelling. Without top notch CGI and all the fancy effects to make the movie good you need a great story, the story is what it all really comes down too. However The Wizard of Oz was pretty well known for its top notch effects, the costumes, its technicolor, and for its dreamy feel. From when you watched it as a kids you either feared the scary flying monkeys or the scary witches or loved the cute cowardly lion or toto the dog.

It’s got very good costumes and effects, when we look back on it.  73 years later we don’t see how realistic it is, but being back in 1939 I’m sure watching it was like living a dream. Now some say or think The Wizard of Oz was the first color film, well its not, however it is probably the most memorable colored film for its time. When it starts in sepia-toned Kansas and spirals its way to the colorful World of Oz is pretty neat. Now the movie is also memorable for its effects, the classic tornado scene, the moment when we finally see Oz, and the flying monkeys. All the effects are very cool and new for its time.

Now the effects granted are not the only positive aspect of this movie. The story is also pretty good. The movie is based on the classic stories by L. Frank Baum and the story is something to be loved by children and adults. The story has meaning and a really good message. And no matter what age you are watching Dorothy go to the world of Oz, make weird friends, and escape a crazy dream is entertaining. And that’s the whole purpose of movies, to entertain people with a story. So congratulations The Wizard of Oz of entertaining me for about 1 1/2 hours. And congratulations for making the #10 spot in AFI’s top 100!


Next time: #9


-Tyce Hoskins


First Week at MVP- Tyce

June 5th, 2012 | Categories: Intern Blog Tags: , , ,

So I just completed my first full week at MVP Video Productions and what a great way to start it! On my first week I completed my first vlog, and got that posted to youtube. Not only that, but we took a day and went out scoping for a new project coming up and even started storyboarding for that project. And as if that wasn’t enough I went on an all day shoot and ran the brand new Canon 5D Mark III the whole time. The whole week was so hands on right off the bat. I got to film and edit my vlog, and I got to participate in the pre-production of a big project and even went on my first shoot.

My first shoot was very exciting. I was behind the camera the entire time and got to get some great first hand experience on a shoot. It was really neat to take part in the production and to take part in the creative environment that goes into a production. That was just the first week, and I have many more to come. So I am very grateful for the experience and for the knowledge I have received so far from this one week and I am very excited for the experience and knowledge to come!




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