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A Lingo Lesson

July 1st, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Hey, it’s Serena again!

Yesterday was my fifth day at MVP Video Production and I’m learning tons.

One thing that Jeff and Kirk encourage interns is to ask lots of questions, to literally bombard them with what we do not know. I think I’m off to a good start. Nevertheless, interns can sometimes feel like foreign exchange students.

For example, like any specialized field there are terms and short-cuts–a specialized lingo–that people in the field create to communicate in a faster, and more efficient way.

I’m still learning about different film industry terms and what they mean. So when we had a production meeting and the topic changed to ad agencies and Co-Op dollars instead of nodding “Yes,” I asked for a translation. It turns out that Co-Op dollars are a way to pool funds to benefit producers and advertisers. In various types of publications, an advertiser and a bigger brand can collaborate on costs for an ad. Said simply, it is a form of shared funding.

So, if I wanted to create a billboard of, say, a vegan homemade ice cream company, and I included a particular brand of soy milk, I could approach that soy milk company and ask them to pay for part of my advertisement. Not only will it cut my cost, but it may make it possible for me to purchase a spot for a second billboard giving them more advertising. Talk about win-win!


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