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July 1st, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Hello! My name’s Isaac, and I’m a summer intern at MVP Video Production. This is my third summer working at MVP, and I still learn something new every day.  It’s been busy at the studio, and I quickly remembered how much I enjoy the excitement and energy that goes hand-in-hand with working at MVP. Within only a few days of coming back to work, I was out shooting with the guys, often multiple times a week.

Every shoot is guaranteed to provide thrills, and often leaves me pretty wiped out as I gaff, grip, and lend a hand in every way that I am needed. I become more familiar with the lights, sound equipment, and cameras with every shoot we do.  This experience has allowed me to occasionally shoot on my own. Whenever the guys need some B-Roll footage that we couldn’t get the day of a shoot, they send me out with a tripod and a camera.  Pretty sweet, right?

In the office, I am starting to know my way around Final Cut Pro, which has given me the ability to edit some of the smaller projects that we are working on. I’m beginning to realize that there is no better way to learn than through hands on experience, and I am able to do things on my own that I would never had expected, just because I’ve done them so many times at the request of Kirk or Jeff.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Serena, another summer intern who is a student at the University of Iowa. It’s been very fun learning the ways of the video world with a fellow intern.

I’m sure the summer will be filled with even more excitement, so I’ll make sure to share the thrills of working at MVP on the intern blog!

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