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Coffee and Jelly-Rolls

July 8th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Hi there! Serena here.

We had a film shoot today a couple of blocks from the studio. The audio for the shoot was clear despite the demolition crew tearing down a 1st Avenue Parkade in Cedar Rapids–across the street! Getting to help Kirk and my fellow intern Isaac set up the lights, cameras, and other electrical equipment was like getting a lesson in gaffing 101. After things were set up, I pulled out the Canon SLR and took about 20 stills of the set, the crew, and the client for MVP.

Right before we began filming Kirk held up a stack of colorful, translucent sheets of plastic, called “gels.” He said the unruly stack of gels are often called “jelly-rolls” on set. Later that day I took initiative and organized those gels. So, if you are a PA (a production assistant) on set and someone asks you for a “jelly-roll,” don’t make a trip to the nearest Krispy Kreme (even if it sounds good with a morning cup of coffee).

There is more good news! The first of a series of intern blogs is up on MVP’s YouTube channel! Check out the link here.  

Isaac and I are planning a second vlog to introduce MVP’s new camera equipment, so stay tuned!


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