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Green Thumb

July 26th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Intern: Serena

So, it’s summertime and I’m definitely getting a green thumb. No, it’s not from gardening. See, at MVP Video Production on Thursday, I got first-hand experience with shooting, acting and editing with the studio green screen! I explain how a green screen works in my latest vlog post, check it out!

In the meantime, I’m learning more and more about how to set up for a video shoot.

1.) When shooting in front of the camera… wear simple patterns or else the fabric you are wearing may appear “live,” meaning the fabric acts like it has a mind of its own, and can appear to move about of its own free will. Solids work best!

2.) Listen to your intuition. In the editing suite I thought “It’s kinda dark. Maybe I should grab the pepper light.” Then, I decided against it. When I began to edit the footage, I noticed the picture was very dark. While some lighting can be corrected in post, it’s always best to fix the problem before shooting. After all, photography is all about light, and filmmaking has everything to do with “moving pictures.”

3.) Use a lavaliere microphone whenever possible. I set up the boon mic right above me…and it picked up every sound in the room, especially the air-conditioner unit.

Today, in the production meeting Kirk mentioned giving a client a “window dub.” “What’s that?” I asked. Jeff and Todd explained that a window dub is a copy of raw footage with a time code on it. When a client is looking for a certain part of the footage, they can identify the shot with the time code. It makes it easier for the editor because a client could say “I really like that shot at 33:06,” instead of “I really like the shot with the tractor.” It also helps with audio too. Instead of writing down word for word what someone has said in a certain scene, with a time code an editor can find the exact place in the script, saving valuable time! ­čÖé

It’s my seventh week here at MVP Video Production. That means one more week to go.

My goals are:

  • Learn After Effects
  • Learn┬áto operate and set up the teleprompter
  • Go on a sales call
  • Write two more articles for the blog
  • Create 2 more intern vlogs
  • Assist the production crew with a large outdoor shoot!


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