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Teleprompters, Rotoscoping, and Stylebooks…Oh My!

July 21st, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Howdy! Serena here.

There is nothing like beginning the day with an early morning shoot. Eric Foley, Todd Gutknecht and I set up the lights, camera and green screen for the President of Shive-Hattery, Inc. Tom Hayden. The company’s Web Designer, Michelle Bailey, also joined us!

I’m beginning to see certain things I would like to practice doing to be more involved on set, such as setting up the lavaliere microphone (a tiny mic the size of your thumbnail) so that you can’t see the cord, or applying make-up when needed.

At MVP Video Production, there is ALWAYS something new to learn–like how a teleprompter works, what rotoscoping is, and how a company stylebook relates to branding. I thought it was the coolest thing that Jeff had a teleprompter on his Apple laptop, although MVP Video Production does have a stand-alone Teleprompter kit.

Later that day, I did some acting to test out an experiment for another project that involves rotoscoping. This generally means, Eric explained, that an image is edited frame by frame. Since there are around 30 frames per second, well, you can see how involved a rotoscoping project can be!

Jeff told us that he is working on a stylebook for MVP Video Production. A stylebook is related to branding, he explained, because in a stylebook you can explain how your company’s logo is presented. What colors are to be used, what style of font, and how the logo is presented. For example, in a stylebook, you could learn that a company’s name is to be spelled out, and not shortened (i.e. MVP v. MVP Video Production).

So much to learn, and this is my sixth week. I’m beginning to miss my friends at MVP Video Production already.



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