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July 16th, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Buenos dìas! Serena està aquì.

Hoy en dìa yo querìa escribirte en otra lengua. Por que? Porque puedo.

Translation? “Today I wanted to write you in another lanugage. Why? Because I can.”

Yesterday, I got to thinking about the things I am learning here at MVP. I am learning many languages. The language of gaffing, the language of editing, and the language of a video production company in general.

I began to wonder how these languages translate to my studies at the University of Iowa, especially in journalism? Just like it’s important to be able to speak a second language, it is important to expand your vocabulary of different industries because the world of journalism and film and video production are merging.  As print media becomes digitized and available online, it is opening the doors for those things the web does best: linking, and including multimedia like video and audio.

I can’t think of a better “second” language. Bueno, espero que tienes una dìa llena de felicidades. Hasta luego!


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