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Lights, Camera, and Sound!

August 2nd, 2011 | Categories: Intern Blog

Intern: Serena

Why, hello there! Today is all about SOUND. I recorded a spec script in the sound booth for one of our ad agencies!

What’s a spec script? A spec script–in a video production company–gives a client a visual or audio reference of what a final product could look like. So, if a client wants a sound recording featuring a woman’s voice, a spec script would have a woman’s voice reading those lines. It’s not the final product, but it gives people a better idea of what a final product could turn into!

Even more fun, I played the part of a flight attendent! This was something I was hoping to do at MVP Video Production (not necessarily play the part of a flight attendent, but to record in the sound studio). It was a dream fulfilled!

I got to thinking, what better topic for an intern vlog? So, Isaac and I set up the camera, monitor, pepper light, and lavalier mic in the sound studio. Next, we wrote down a list of questions to answer…

…in the sound studio

1. What is the puffy foam in the sound studio for?

2. Why are there curtains in the sound studio?

3. Why are the walls painted black?

4. How does sound get from the sound studio to the editing suite?

5. Why record in a sound studio?

…and in the editing suite

1. What is the sound box in the editing suite?

2. How is sound recorded into the computer?

3. How do you control mic levels?

4. What happens if they are too high?

5. What software does MVP Video Production use to edit sound?

6. What are the lines across the screen mean?

Some studios–like MVP Video Production–hire voice talent to use with studio projects like podcast recording, and voice-over for commercials. These actors can manipulate their vocal cords to give a project a unique flare.

In our intern blog, we will feature the many vocal impersonations of MVP Video Production’s own Todd Gutknecht!


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