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Mt. Mercy University Commercial

December 7th, 2011 | Categories: Blog Tags: , ,

We recently wrapped production on a brand new commercial for Mount Mercy University featuring NAIA National Champion in the Javelin throw, Jenna.  You may have seen her picture before if you have been driving around Cedar Rapids as she is on a number of billboards.

We filmed the spot a few weeks ago, when it wasn’t all that cold yet, and Jenna was a great sport.  We were assured of her accuracy so we naturally had her throw the Javelin at the camera for a couple of shots.  20 to 30 feet, was no problem.  So, we upped the challenge for Jenna, and Kirk moved down the field a good 100 feet or so.  then we had her throw it again, and again and again.  Great accuracy!  A fun afternoon working with a National Champ.  And as usual, Mount Mercy were great hosts.

Hit the link below to see how the spot turned out.



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