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YouTube Statistics!

April 26th, 2012 | Categories: Blog Tags: ,

It’s not a foreign site to anyone anymore.  And, it seems that everyone is using it.  For everything.  Whether you just want to rant about something, show someone your expertise on something, give an opinion or a demonstration.

YouTube is getting 3 Billion views a day.  Yes, “Billion”, with a “B“.  The population of the entire world as of right now is a tick over 7 Billion.  That means that the entire population of the world is logging on to YouTubes site every 2.5 days.

The site is no longer just for quirky little videos.  Businesses have dedicated channels, individuals have dedicated channels, Much like a TV channel.  As a matter of fact, there is more video uploaded to YouTube in a month than the three major networks created in the previous 60 years.

You can really focus in on the topics that you want to see.  Find those companies or individuals that are talking about or showing something specific that you are interested in and focus in on those topics.  You can then subscribe to their channel, and whenever they post something new, you will know about it.  For many, this is not new news, but surprisingly enough, it’s still news to some.  And, if you can’t find the exact video topic you want, you can create one and upload it.  Chances are, someone else wants to see it.  And you never know. It could bring you some business.  Google is even searching YouTube now.  So the more relative video content you have on your YouTube channel, the better.
So the question is really, “Do you have a YouTube Channel”? If not, why not?  Create your own channel.  What are you waiting for?  3 Billion views a day!

One more note about YouTube, watch the video below

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